Healthcare Leader Spotlight Shines on Bridgecom CEO Joel Luce

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MIRA LOMA, California, March 27, 2019 —Joel Luce, CEO of Bridgecom, has been working in communications and healthcare for 35 years.  “When the work that you do makes a difference, it’s worth the time invested,” said Luce.  “Our main goal is to bridge the communication gap that exists between healthcare and consumers.  When people are motivated to take action with their health, it could save their life.”  Located in Mira Loma, Bridgecom has partnered with hundreds of businesses that work in the healthcare industry.  The company provides customized solutions, depending upon the client’s needs.  Bridgecom’s services are broad, and they offer everything from health engagement software, to multi-channel member communications, and convenient at-home colorectal cancer test kits.

When Mr. Luce first began his career at the company that is now Bridgecom, it was 1994 and things were a lot different.  The business had its roots in analog output services, having been originally incorporated in 1955.  In the mid-90s, the company evolved into a communications and technology company, during a period marked by dramatic expansion of digital content transformation, automation and software solution services.  Prior to taking over as CEO, Mr. Luce was a key member of the team, and assisted in developing some of the digital applications that Bridgecom is known for today. 

Twenty-five years later, Joel Luce is still finding ways to adapt, and ultimately, get results for clients.  Bridgecom offers health engagement software, BridgeSuite™ and has also distributed nearly 10 million in-home colorectal cancer kits to date.  Bridgecom’s model with in-home self-test kits is tailored to the patient and empowers that individual to take decisive action with their health while providing convenient access to accurate and private in-home testing kits.  Their patented packaging and process has shown to dramatically improve screening rates for colorectal cancer, which is the 2nd leading cause of cancer-related death in the country today.

Said Luce, “Our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions to the most challenging  issues facing healthcare today.  We’re consistently looking for ways to improve the usability and capability of our products and services as we grow with our clients.  It’s an exciting time to be in this business.”

Bridgecom is a software and services company that provides healthcare organizations a powerful way to close communication and care gaps. The company’s unique blend of technology and patented processes improve patient outcomes and dramatically reduce costs. Bridgecom’s breadth and depth of expertise in Medicare/Medicaid member communication fulfillment, combined with an integrated outreach platform to help organizations standardize the (iFOBT)/FIT at-home colorectal cancer screening process, leads the industry. The platform effectively engages patient or member recipients through personalized paper and electronic notifications designed to educate and move them to action achieving compliance. For more information, visit

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