BridgeSuite®, Enables Health Plans to Focus on Outcomes, not Outputs


Bridgecom® has been delivering excellence in member and patient communication programs to healthcare plans, medical groups, pharmacy benefit management organizations and third party administrators for decades.

We’ve learned a few things along the way.  We kept seeing the same process risks being repeated in broad patterns across the industry. So we went to work building a better way.

Knowing that document content preparation is only the tip of the iceberg, we set about developing a workflow environment designed to eliminate the process risks associated with:
  • Transmission of vital content using email attachments
  • Executing handoffs between process steps
  • Process steps that “fall through the cracks”
  • The intake of content in the formats clients work with the most often
And, while doing so, take our highly-successful web-enabled toolset and expand it to accommodate all types of document fulfillment, making it easier to use, faster, more capable and more secure. The result is BridgeSuite® Bridgecom’s enterprise communication program workflow execution platform. BridgeSuite® provides best-practice leading capabilities in all of the following:
  • HIPAA compliance.
  • Output fulfillment capabilities for email, SMS text, mail, parcel, IVR call and other modes.
  • Initiate, track and configure the components that go into communication campaigns.
  • Establish and control schedules and compliance date deadline markers.
  • Transmit or interactively upload target distribution lists.
  • Integrate data qualifiers that prevent incorrect data from being accepted into the system.
  • Online access to proofs and approvals.
  • Task reminders.
  • Production tracking.
  • Activity and compliance reporting.
  • Online archives, extensible to audit and call center teams, and provider EHR systems.
Fully integrated with Bridgecom’s fulfillment production systems, BridgeSuite® is an extensive tool that makes the document fulfillment project management teams of our clients more efficient, and provides their business management teams with essential performance and compliance visibility.
  • Bring transparency to the sequence of tasks associated with program execution.
  • Reduce the risk of process errors becoming costly execution errors.
  • Break down “data silos” enabling all of your teams to be more responsive effective.
  • Provide key documentation artifacts for your compliance and audit teams.
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Bridgecom® is a software and services company that provides Healthcare clients a powerful way to close communications and care gaps. Our unique blend of technology and patented processes improve their outcomes and dramatically reduces the cost of care.

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