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Bridgecom® has over a decade of experience with the operation of large-scale continuous patient outreach solutions.
Currently supporting over 100 patient outreach use cases, we can assist clients in raising CMS and HEDIS star ratings via effective and efficient member communications.


  • Our innovative multi-modal communication software solution allows clients to fine tune engagement approaches across mail, email, interactive voice response (IVR), live call and SMS text touch types.
  • Bridgecom solutions activate and empower your outreach teams with dashboard options enabling complete control over the initiation of new outreach projects, A/B testing of revised outreaches and key performance metrics.
  • Our patented solution for mail fulfillment of CRC FIT patient test kits simplifies the patient experience, enhancing screening outcomes while saving up to 50% on postage costs for delivery. When coupled with multi-modal engagement processes, our clients experience test fulfillment rates exceeding 50%.
  • Physician oversight: If the deployment of a screening solution requires physician review of candidate target population lists, Bridgecom® integrates this service feature into our outreach workflow – even for non-integrated delivery systems.
  • Connect the outputs and outcomes: With technologies that enable the intake of target population lists and screening results, Bridgecom® bridges the gap between outputs and outcomes by enabling patient touch records to be deployed to the patient chart, enabling front-line staff to see the communications.
  • Need help getting started? We offer consultative resources to assist in the process of defining clinical outreach program objectives, aligning metrics and objectives, and assisting in prioritization of outreach projects for design and deployment.
  • This content-agnostic solution enables the approach to be applied across essentially any clinical outreach initiative: CRC FIT self-test kits, overdue labs, breast cancer screening, diabetes control, hypertension control, flu and pneumonia vaccination reminders, well-child visits and many more – all are supported.

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Bridgecom® is a software and services company that provides Healthcare clients a powerful way to close communications and care gaps. Our unique blend of technology and patented processes improve their outcomes and dramatically reduces the cost of care.

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