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As the needs of our customers evolve, we have taken a position of change leadership, seeking to be on the leading edge of integrated technology, production and fulfillment processes.
Our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions to the most challenging issues facing healthcare today. We’re consistently looking for ways to improve the usability and capability of our products, growing with our clients.

Like so many software and digital media companies, Bridgecom LLC has roots in print, having originally incorporated in 1955 as “Advance Business Forms.” In 1989, reflecting an increasingly diverse product line, the company changed names to “Advance Business Graphics (ABG).” In 2008, the name evolved again to ABG Communications, during a period marked by dramatic expansion of digital content transformation automation and software solution services.

Under the leadership of the company founder, Nicholas “Nick” Kosta, ABG eventually grew to become one of the largest privately owned print manufacturers in the USA. After 52 years in business, Mr. Kosta sold the company to CEO Joel Luce in 2007, and retired.

Mr. Luce was not new to the organization, having joined the ABG team in 1994. Prior to taking the lead as CEO, Joel was a key member of the team, and assisted in developing some of the digital applications that Bridgecom is known for today. As communication processes evolved, ABG transitioned from operating as a “print shop” by adding an extensive variety of services to better meet the needs of health organizations and members.

Today, Mr. Luce is responsible for the strategic direction of Bridgecom’s health engagement and communication solutions, including personalized communications delivered through multimodal channels and tuned for optimum effectiveness. Our model for in-home self-test kit delivery and navigations is tailored to the patient, empowering individuals to take action with their care gaps, creating value to the organizations delivering care along the way.

Bridgecom operates as an industry leader in healthcare, and provides products and services as an outsource partner to both commercial and Medicare/Medicaid payers, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), Pharmacy Benefit Management organizations (PBMs) and Third Party Administrators (TPAs).

We enable the ongoing execution of these programs with a stack of innovative workflow technologies and delivery formats that increase program effectiveness and leverage our client’s drive toward value and quality of care. Our solutions provide specific options addressing the unique needs of clients in the Medicare/Medicaid and population health management spaces.

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Bridgecom is a software and services company that provides Healthcare clients a powerful way to close communications and care gaps. Our unique blend of technology and patented processes improve their outcomes and dramatically reduces the cost of care.