Addressing Your Critical Campaigns with Turnkey Solutions

Since 1955, Bridgecom has been providing strategic business communications process management.

These solutions demand a support team experienced in all aspects of critical document delivery applications: data processing, postal data hygiene, document design, print/mail production, compliance, multi-language treatments and integration of mail and digital content delivery modes.

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Your Single Source for Business Communications

Decades of Experience

Ready to support virtually any type of document design, the Bridgecom team has extensive experience in the design and implementation of large-scale document fulfillment solutions for some of the most demanding business requirements from top-tier US businesses today.

Postage Optimization & Data Services

Bridgecom offers an array of services to maximize your communication campaign ROI, optimizing postage and sanitizing your data through our long history of large-scale document fulfillment, using:

  • List Conversion
  • Deduplication
  • Mailing List Updates
  • CASS Certification
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Record Standardization
  • Merge & Purge
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Email Delivery
  • Document Archival