Empower People to Beat Colorectal Cancer

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Meet Diego. Diego, age 60, is advised during his visit to his doctor that it is time for his colorectal cancer (CRC) screening. Diego meets criteria for the FIT screening.

Diego’s experience before his healthcare professional uses Previon PCaaS™

  • Diego’s doctor gives him instructions about ordering the FIT kit.
  • He plans to, but procrastinates.
  • After a few weeks, Diego forgets about ordering the FIT kit.
  • Auto attendant reminder messages are from a number he doesn’t recognize, and he fails to listen to the message.

As a result:

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    Six years later, Diego is diagnosed with colon cancer.
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    Diego becomes a statistic: a CRC screening would have detected his cancer early enough to be treatable with minimal intervention and saved thousands of dollars.

Improved health with The Previon Way™

Lucky for Diego, his healthcare professional uses Previon PCaaS™, an innovative communication platform with multiple touch points that results in industry-leading screening rates.

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Six years later, Diego is healthy and thriving. Completing the FIT kit at-home coupled with the educational information that helped him understand the importance of early detection radically changed Diego’s health outcomes, while also saving $30,000 in late stage care costs.

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    Diego’s doctor orders the FIT Kit in the EHR system; and a FIT campaign is launched in PCaaS.

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    Diego receives FIT kit in the mail, to perform at-home.

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    He later receives education via email about early detection.

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    Next, Diego responds “Y” to a text message offering a personal discussion by phone.

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    Diego completes and returns his KIT via mail.

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    His physician office contacts him to schedule a follow up biopsy