Empower People to Take Control of Diabetes and Other HEDIS/CMS Measured Chronic Conditions

traditional healthcare cycle

Meet Sylvia. Routine lab work results show high blood sugar and HDL cholesterol. Her A1C level is normal.

Sylvia’s experience before her healthcare professional uses Previon PCaaS™

  • Sylvia’s doctor writes a prescription, advises her to adjust her diet, and prints a short summary of the visit.
  • She takes the prescription inconsistently and is not improving her health.
  • She keeps rescheduling her follow up appointment with her doctor

As a result:

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    Sylvia has limited information about how to improve her conditions. She lacks empowerment to take the preventive health steps to participate in her care.
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    She is not taking her medication as prescribed and doesn’t understand the impact that has on her health.
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    Her healthcare provider is frustrated because there is no improvement in her health.

You can empower Sylvia to a better outcome using The Previon Way™

Lucky for Sylvia, her healthcare professional uses Previon PCaaS

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Sylvia feels happy about her improved health. Her family notices the change. Sylvia is more committed to her health care. Sylvia is empowered and understands how to engage better with her providers so that she and her family can continue to thrive.

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    Sylvia’s doctor orders a new RX in the EHR system; and a Diabetes campaign is launched in PCaaS.

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    She receives email with health education on her conditions.

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    Next, Sylvia responds “Y” to a text message offering a personal discussion by phone.

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    Sylvia receives nutrition information and reminders via email.

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    She develops a health strategy with her care team.